This school has always acted as a conspicuous beacon for eager minds with a thirst for knowledge and as a result students from relatively remote districts of the state of Himachal Pradesh such as Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti as well as central Indian states such as Madhya Pradesh are currently studying here. There are also Nepali and Tibetan students here exemplifying the fact that the diversity among them is not limited to the Union of India and such exposure gives all the students a unique opportunity to indulge in a kind of cultural exchange that they normally would not be accustomed to. The Laboratories for the natural sciences such as Physics and Biology are very well equipped with all the the essentials but those measuring instruments are of no use to the students without the presence of a skilled teacher to instruct them about their use which is why the faculty never has any vacant positions right now and if there ever is a vacancy it will be filled just as promptly as it ever has been because the need to preserve every precious second of the academic year is taken very seriously. An endless supply of potable water is maintained with a state-of-art water purification system to prevent the the spread of water borne pathogens by isolating the students from any outbreak that may have affected the city’s water supply. Strategically positioned security cameras enable all entrances and corridors to be observed for the purpose of surveillance by authorized personnel. They work in shifts to keep the school premises secure throughout the night and for that reason it is never left unguarded. Students are given basic computer training to make them more comfortable with the tools that are gradually replacing all the other tools. They can also opt for vocational training in the fields of security and tourism if they are interested in pursuing that direction in particular for their carriers. The school operates entirely under the guidelines of the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education hence any student transferring from another HPBOSE school will be able to adapt to the environment here effortlessly.